Sehat Taleem Sy

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For the awareness among school going children | صحت تعلیم سے
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The book covers nearly 40 infectious and communicable diseases and contains chapters regarding Expanded Programme of Immunisation (EPI), domestic and international travel guidelines with relevant vaccines for countries abroad, emergency interventions to save lives, teeth infection, HIV/AIDS, dog/snake-bite, quackery, etc., which would be a great source of awareness and education about health. The doctors have described each disease in an anecdotal and pictorial form to explain the causes, effects and ultimate results of these diseases. It also explains the measures to prevent, control and get quality treatment for these diseases. It doesn’t mince any words about diseases having 100 percent mortality, which is necessary to create an element of fear among the children.

Author: Dr. Salman Kazmi
Pages : 24
Publisher: Manshurat

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